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Newsletter #2, Manifestation works !

Newsletter #2, Manifestation works !

  • by Jaeho Kim

Laci Studios believes in the special Universe.

Approximately 8 years ago, when I was a middle schooler, I came up with a name, Laci Andropos. 

I explained what Laci meant but “Andropos” means “human being” in Hella. It was kind of embarrassing to bring “Laci Andropos” out of my mouth, so I always blushed when my friend asked me “what was the name of the brand thingy you want to make in the future?”. 


Many years later, I came to America as a foreign exchange student and started a Youtube channel with Zoe, who is one of Team Laci members. This made me buy a camera, learn how to edit videos, and talk to the camera. everything that I needed to learn has been smoothly learned. 


I found a business planning project for an entrepreneurship class that I took last year, and the project depicted Laci Studios very specifically. Such as the name, Laci, the area we are based in, how we design our pieces, how we contact manufacturers.


The Apple Pencil that I bought 3 years ago also says “Jaeho x Laci.” My friends used to ask me what Laci means, to which I answered, “it is my clothing brand.” 

I don’t know why, but I kept saying Laci is my brand. I didn’t have a clothing brand at that moment. Goosebumps, the Universe, and the law of attraction.

Manifestation works.

And what I am imagining is going to come true too. 


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