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Newsletter #1, What does Laci Studios mean?

Newsletter #1, What does Laci Studios mean?

  • by Jaeho Kim

Hi, Lacis ! 

I'm a director of Laci Studios. 

I want to tell you the meaning of Laci Studios.


Laci Studios is a compound word. 

La - Los Angeles, which is located at the western end.

Ci - The City. New York City, which is located at the eastern end. 

Studios - The place where all kinds of art happen. 

LA and NYC are both great cities,


However, particularly, Laci Studios is inspired by New York City a lot. 

(The first city I ever visited in America was New York City too.)

These are the the videos of the NYC trip that made me actually start my brand. 

I want to live in the city with Laci Studios and you guys. 


La, New York City, Studios, represent "eternality".

Cities never sleep or die and studios in my heart as well.

They are always creating and expressing by being the way they are. 


Laci is inspired by all the buildings, space, art, and artists in the cities, and the studios actualize that vision to visible value.

Laci Studios isn't ephemeral, insincere or similar to other regular clothing brands. 


Thank you ! 

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